Julia came from Chicago to San Francisco full of excitement to bring her creativity to the people of our city!  With years under her belt as a hair stylist, she was also an instructor at the Aveda Institute in Chicago.  Her new city inspires her and she feels she's surrounded by new ideas every which way she turns.   Whether it's the colorful, always changing street art, to the gorgeous trees and flowers, or the eclectic carefree people of San Francisco.  She is excited to be doing hair in a new city.

Her dream client is someone who thinks of their hair as their best accessory. Someone who is open to letting her use her years of knowledge and experience to make them look and feel their best. Currently, Julia loves a wide range of haircuts, such as giving a structured bob with a blunt bang to  also enjoy the freedom and coolness of a textural shag. She also has a deep love for color - specifically effortless soft hair color. She also enjoys the expression of vibrant color with amazing placement.  She strives to have her clients wear hair that others notice,  even if it's subtle and when it's bright and vibrant.

Julia continues to seek new education, and her current fav is Hairbrained, a platform for staying in touch with what's new and happening in the salon  industry. They've created a space to get live education and also to interact within the community.

Her hair muses are Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall, Robyn, 90's girls ( she loves the 90's!)  and of course, Brigitte Bardot

In her free time, Julia spend a lot of time exploring the city....walking different neighborhoods, streets, popping into shops, getting coffee and people watching. She enjoys spending time with her dog at all the gorgeous parks around the city. Running, hot yoga, finding awesome vegan restaurants and taking in the view.


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