jewel middleton



Jewel first discovered the power of a hairstyle through musical icons. Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and so on. Then came cult favorites movies, Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink and her world was changed forever. It was then Jewel started experimenting with her her own hair concocting a million shades of red. 

Inspired through her art classes, she transferred this to hair and started mixing her own red's together to create electric colors. Toss in bleach, and neon colors and the wild experimentation of a young hairstylist playing with her art. By the time she entered cosmetology school, she was doing all of her friends hair and already a natural born hairdresser.

She has trained with some of the best stylist over her long career. Highlights are learning advanced color from Tracy Anderson, Braids and Balayage with Jenny Strebe and Jay Wesley Olson, and Kevin Murphy styling editorial looks. She is no stranger to YouTube tutorials on cutting, styling updos and color techniques. Jewel loves learning new ways to achieve beautiful effortless hair. Her truest love is for avant-garde looks that constantly wow and inspire her in the world of music and fashion.

Hairdressing is her passion. Communicating with clients and listening carefully to their wants and needs. She loves transformation, adding texture by removing bulky weight, giving classic precision cuts, and playing with all types of color that fits her clients personality. Her extensive experience has cultivated her techniques that give her clients the ease of moveable, wearable hair that is cut to be low maintenance and grow out of beautifully. Jewel also loves to do weddings and updos for parties! 

In her free time, Jewel is learning to play the piano, loves to sing, feels very lucky to be able to travel the world and explore, and documenting life through photography.

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