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Casey has been loving on hair since 2014. Casey's philosophy of hair is to create a space where their clients feel safe to express themselves. Creating styles that transcend preconceived ideas of who should wear what, destroying assumptions about who you are and what you are assumed to want or need. It's about tailoring a look that fits you, but allows you to stand out in the best ways. 

Casey specializes in advanced razor cutting techniques in order to achieve easy to style, organic looking, lived in hair, with an edge suited to you. They love taking a traditionally "simple" haircut and updating it to be new, unique, and exciting.

They pull much of their inspiration from looks from the late 70s, the 80s, and the 90s, with some Renaissance and Grecian era mixed in there. The biggest inspiration to Casey, though, comes from people who were looking to define themselves and set themselves apart from the assumed norms of those eras. Derek Ridgers is a good example of a photographer who set out to document every-day artists with unique style that represented the era before the era even happened. Other examples would be The looks of Grace Jones, the art of Peter Sato, and stylists such as Dennis Lanni, Guido Palau, and Masami Hosono. 

In Casey’s free time, any opportunity they can, they drive out to somewhere pretty and secluded to swim. When not floating on the river, they’re digging through the racks at second hand stores to find knick knacks and treasures, knitting, and trying to make sense of their astrology chart.
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