CHRI's passion is cutting and she focuses on just that. She goes beyond trends to create organic styles tailored to each person's special flair. "I’m into the details, so I talk through the process with a client, looking at photos and options before I start cutting,” says CHRI. 

CHRI is also very interested in connecting with her clients and developing a relationship. “I want to hear about their lives, and I have a crazy-good memory for recalling their hair likes and dislikes as well as their stories,” she says. 

Her clients tend to be people who want to try new things and are willing to take chances. She loves that styles are always changing and she gets to help people evolve with them.

Big-city style, always up to date
CHRI was taught by Vidal Sassoon and Nick Arrojo, along with her strongest influences, the original creative directors of Bumble and bumble in New York. She is constantly learning, and has taken every cutting class offered at Bumble University since 2000. They’ve trained my eye, teaching me to look at face shape, hair texture, cowlicks and what’s individual to a person’s style,” she says. 

An expert in both razor and scissor cutting, CHRI also helped develop Edo’s organic style of free-hand cutting and is a lead educator to the salon’s up-and-coming stylists.  

Art and vintage inspirations
She is deeply inspired by art and by the intense colors and patterns of Moroccan, Turkish and Indian textiles. CHRI draws style ideas from high fashion, street fashion and old movies. She has a thing for retro looks, including the 1920s flapper bob, Jane Fonda’s 1970s shag in Klute and Princess Diana’s 1980s feathered bob. “I like to take a vintage haircut," she says, "and give it a modern edge.” 

Cofounder of Edo, CHRI is a creative director of the salon and gallery. She chooses art for the shop and designs the space, haunting vintage shops for design ideas and pieces for her home and the salon. 

In her free time, CHRI enjoys playing with color and texture, weaving richly detailed wall hangings on her Japanese floor loom. A Bay Area native, she has traveled extensively but never moved anywhere else. She is happy to live by the ocean and get away to beautiful nearby places. CHRI is always up for weekend camping and hiking trips with her boyfriend and toddlers. She is also a fan of crafts fairs, flea markets and cooking for family and friends.

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