More to LOVE at Edo

Ah February is upon us...the month of love.

We love all our clients...

.....and they love us! Thank you HeyHeyGorgeous for the shout out.

We are also loving the NEW Bumble and Bumble Thickening Creme and the Full Bodied Mousse! 
For us at Edo, big hair is beautiful hair. These products will help you to get that full bodied blow out or to mold and style hair to perfection. 
The full Thickening line will be available in Edo Salon soon so stay tuned!

Lastly, we are excited to share our new artwork in the salon! February also means getting ready for a new Art Show at Edo. Here is a sneak peek of our back shampoo bar....

Can't wait to share more new updates next week!

xoxo, Edo

my favorite redhead is now crooning

In every life of a hairstylist we eventually pick out our favorite redhead of all time. For Edo, hands down, the choice is super model Karen Elson. We really first noticed her when we became familiar with Bumble and Bumble. It was about 1991 and Edo had yet to get to New York at start working with them. There was all this buzz about a new haircut called the "botched bob" that this haunting beauty was sporting. The original Bumble hair genius Raymond took out his barber straight razor and literally whacked this fawn of a woman's hair at the chin. Overnight, she and the haircut became a sensation. In 1998 I was lucky enough to actually sneak into one of Raymond's crazy classes before he went awol and vanished without a trace from the hair world.

On tuesday when I heard the beauty would be crooning her little dark heart out at Cafe Du Nord here in S.F. I simply could not miss a chance to see the red locks glow in person. It turns out the lady can actually carry a tune. Ethereal and romantic with a country twang at it's best. Not a surprise since she married Jack White. And, a smart move sice we can't stay young forever. All in all, it was a big room of fashion eye candy and got me thinking about red again.

The best way to know what shade of red is for you is one simple rule, if you have pale and clear skin go with the cooler red. A hint of auburn or chestnut. A subtle cinnamon glow. A peachy strawberry blond.

With freckles and golden skin, do a golden based warmer red. A coppery honey. Muted tangerine with hints of golden sparkles.

We think every woman should try a perfectly tailored shade of red at least once in her life.... it is all about skin tone and balance.


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