Bigger is better!

The new Thickening line has arrived and we cannot get enough of it!

Bigger is better and the line has expanded for all of you Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner fans. We now introduce the BB Thickening Contour Creme and Full Form Mousse which give lift and volume to any hair type. The new styling formulas are water based instead of oil, so the volume will never deflate!

Dani gave Tiffany, our salon manager, an amazing blow out that "won't deflate"
with the new Full Formed Mousse. She's hooked!

Becky loves using the BB Thickening Contour Creme to add more volume to curls! 
The light cream formula keeps curls full without the frizz. 

Kristina used the BB Thickening Full Form Mousse to add lift to her client's beautiful blow out after her cut at Edo. Loving the layers and full silhouette!

Come in to Edo and let us show you how to use the new Thickening line!

Love, Edo