Gorgeous haircolor in San Francisco this month...

We've done some amazing colors this month! Soft Sombres, pastels, trendy root shadows and beautiful makeovers.

 Here are a few photos of our favorite clients and their gorgeous hair colored by the crafty geniuses at Edo Salon.

Silvery, Powder Blue by Dae Starkweather

Pastel Purple by Seana Tuohy

Bright caramel hairpainting by Dae Starkweather

Platinum beauty by Becky Borman and Corinna Hernandez

Dusty Pink by Henry Graham

Root Shadow and balayage by Jai Carrillo

Vibrant Teal by Heather Dean

Keep them coming! Book your beautiful balayage or creative color today!

xoxo Edo Salon

Seriously cool hair-Styling in San Francisco

Edo can't get enough of our Pony Salon education by top stylist Corinna Hernandez. Back from Fashion week and armed with more amazing styling techniques, she focuses on back combing and bobby pin placement for an advanced class with Edo stylists.

We love this Elvis inspired updo by Corinna Hernandez. A little pompadour in the front and a modern french twist in the back.

Here are a few more photos from the class:

With a little winged eyeliner and some black skinny jeans, this super fun beehive is the perfect mod updo for a night out.
More education photos to come soon!

xoxo Edo Salon

The latest hair trends we love in San Francisco

Remember how we mentioned the 90's coming back? I thought it couldn't be true...

I was totally wrong. It certainly is no longer a question but in fact a true statement. This morning I passed a girl wearing a plastic tattoo choker! Remember those?! I used to buy those things at the dollar store when I was small. It's amazing what I see in the Street Fashion World...especially with hair.

This hairstyle, I secretly love though. It seems so silly that something so easy can look a little grungy but still, so stylish.

I'm talking about the half-up topknot!

This is the best and easiest way to leave your house with messy, unkempt hair that takes little-to-no time styling. Now, whether or not you can pull it off without putting some thought in to your makeup and outfit choice...is a different story.

Twisted and pulled back at the crown, you can wear it sleek or add a little texture. I personally like it best with a little knot and some frayed out ends. Use Bumble and bumble's City Swept spray mixed with a little Dry Spun.

Here is a photo of a pulled back half-up top knot:

And here are preview photos from last months photoshoot with hair by Seana Tuohy and photography Tiffany Ward:

Follow back with more photos from the shoot and let us know if you're loving this efortless style.

xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon

Winer Photoshoot and featured client!

Meet Bryn Newman! She is our Winter Featured Client and model of our most recent photo shoot.

You may remember Bryn from a few months ago...she was the client who chose Edo to take her from auburn red to the iciest of whites. Her beautiful makeover was such a hit and now that her hair has adapted to being platinum blonde, it was time we glammed her up and did a mini-Winter shoot!

Bryn is a Florida gal, just like myself and she is currently residing in San Francisco and loving it. She is in charge of marketing for LE TOTE, a 'shop-wear-exchange' company allowing you to browse the most current styles in fashion, keep what you want and return the rest..Internet shopping made so easy!

 She is also a fashion and design blogger for Stone Fox Style, updating you about travel, the latest fashion trends and her personal styling for photo shoots.

I hope you enjoy! Follow her blog and oh yeah, ours too! :)

Hello Hollywood Glamour! Pin curls, voluminous hair and red lips. I just love it!

Winter photo shoot with in-house photographer Tiffany Ward. Hair by Jayne Matthews. Hair assistant and Make-up by Seana Tuohy. Client & Model : Bryn Newman from Stone Fox Style

xoxo Edo Salon
Tiffany Ward

Ice Queen-White blonde in San Francisco

Another marvelous make-over this season but this time inspired by the silvery X-Men babe, Storm.

We were contacted by Bryn Newman, fashion blogger and creative connoisseur-lover of everything fashion, art and design-to take her from warm copper to ice white. Bryn recently had some hair trouble and found us on Yelp where she saw we loved extreme colors and Spring make-overs. What's more fantastic than silky icy blonde?

Bryn had experimented with box color years ago and just recently had her hair darkened to a reddish brown, a color a bit too warm for her. She's the kind of gal who changes her hair like she changes her wardrobe and has had everything from highlights- to natural color to chestnut brown and this time, she really just wanted to get rid of the warmth to welcome a cool new blonde.

We started by booking her a test strand with co-owner and color specialist, Jayne Matthews. Shortly after determining that her hair could handle a lot without compromising the integrity too much, we booked her an appointment with Seana for the real deal.

The first step was lightening her hair using a low volume and making sure to stay off her roots. After the first process Seana and Jayne got her to a light golden blonde. With her hair just previously being colored, the warmth in her red stuck on the ends so another lightening was necessary putting those lovely ladies here until 10:45pm! It was a hair miracle to get her bright blonde in one sitting but violà! They did it!

A word to the wise for you bold gals looking to transform your color this spring, do a test strand first! Make sure your hair is healthy enough to handle anything thrown it's way. Invest in deep conditioning protein masques like Bumble and bumble's Mending line to repair chemically treated hair and lastly, expect the coloring to take a couple of appointments. Rome wasn't built in a day :)

Enjoy Bryn's blog Stone Fox Style for fashion tips, amazing finds and wardrobe inspiration. Check out her post about her blonding experience and book a color consultation anytime with one of Edo's color specialists at 415.861.0131.

xoxo Edo Salon

Pastel hair makes for a great Photoshoot

WOW. Pastel hair was a big hit last year and it was even bigger at Edo this year. We got clients wanting every soft shade of purple, pink and peach so we figured....why not have a dreamy pastel photoshoot?

First thing we did was find the perfect model. Gabi is a 17 year old dreamboat from Los Angeles who was in town for the weekend and we knew we wanted to give her the full Spring color makeover. Her hair was virgin brown and she had begged her mom for pastel purple so this was her opportunity to finally get that big change she wanted. The color process was long and took a few steps but luckily with the right Wella and Pravana color, we got her to perfection. A soft and lush pastel lilac with gorgeous dimension.

Credit for this beautiful color goes to Dae Starkweather who put in so much elbo grease to get this perfect lilac hair, photography to manger of Edo Tiffany Ward, Styling to Heather Dean-one of Edo's top stylists and make-up to Seana Tuohy- in house make-up artist.

More pretty pastels coming soon!

xoxo Edo Salon

The dream of the 90's are alive in San Francisco

This weekend was spent in Dolores Park because the weather was warm and I was in need of a sunny Sunday picnic. I know what you're thinking....Dolores Park on a Sunday, are you crazy?! Maybe, but the people watching was unbeatable and I got confirmation that the 90's are indeed coming back.

I don't mean the obvious 'grunge' look with flannels and jean shorts but more that late 90's thick, messy texture in girls hair full of faded dip dye color and side-flipped bangs. Crop tops, headbands as far as the eye can see and short bobs for those who are in touch with their 'alternative side'. (Think Jane from Daria)

I can't tell if I love it though. Hair WAS a little freer and fun 15 years ago and a little less polished. Less time making perfect curling iron waves and more time crimping and twisting little ponytails.

Please though, no fake dreads and scrunchies.

What do you think? Are you loving the 90's trends coming back?

xoxo Edo

Creative Color taking over San Francisco

Purple, pink, peach and silver oh my!

SO many soft colors this month in our little boutique salon and it's just the beginning! 
More Spring colors soon and even a pastel photo shoot so stay tuned :)

xoxo Edo Salon
Lower Haight, San Francisco

San Francisco's cutest Boutique

Totally in love.

I adore this season's artist and designer at Edo Salon. Spring is the time for pretty in pastels and Valerie Santillo's soft color pallet fits in beautifully with our boutique Salon & Gallery.

"Her style is chic, vintage and feminine with designs rich in pastels, florals and charming boudoir."

Here are some photos of her very successful opening reception during the Lower Haight Art Walk

I am a fashion designer and freelance illustrator living in San Francisco, California.  My profession in the lingerie business and my love for vintage lingerie and clothing greatly influences my work. I am inspired by individual, personal style, the fashion industry and typically draw from the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis; whether it be vintage details on a dress, my garden or the beautiful colors and architecture of the amazing city of San Francisco... which, I seem to never grow tired of. I couldn't imagine a life without creating, I just want to share all I can....

Valerie's current work primarily consists of graphite, ink & collage and focuses on themes of fashion, nostalgia, nature and female beauty. Her work will be on display until the end of May. Stop by anytime to purchase one of a kind pieces.

                                                                xoxo Edo Salon

The best new haircut-Blunt and Choppy

Whether it's long layers or a blunt bob...razored layers are back in. 

And I'm lovin' it! 

//Here are some great choppy cuts for this season in every length//

A little bit of tousled layers and some Bumble and bumble Dryspun Spray goes a long way. Ask your stylist for some styling tricks and book with a razor specialist online.

xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon
San Francisco

SF Editorial Makeover -- Chic Hair Color & Updos

We got together last Thursday for a quick but beautiful photo shoot at Edo Salon in SF's Lower Haight. We wanted to show off some gorgeous color and chic updos by a couple of Edo's top stylists.

Our model, Mira, found us through Corinna, a once traveling Bumble and Bumble educator who's now behind the chair at Edo. We had a blast as Corinna chopped off a few inches to collarbone length. Then we took Mira from pastel pink & blonde to a fiery red. Later on, colorist Seana Tuohy muted down the makeover to a more golden red and what a difference it's made. Her blue eyes pop and her color is still vibrant but natural.

Toussled waves, loose pompadour and a twist on the topknot, Corinna Hernandez worked her magic with Bumble's Thickening Mouse and a junior Mason Pearson brush.

Styling and haircut- Corinna Hernandez
MUA and Hair color-Seana Tuohy
Photography-Tiffany Ward

More to come soon!

Tiffany Ward
Manager, Edo Salon
San Francisco

All that glitters is gold

Excited for what 2014 brings as I am so grateful as to what 2013 has given me. Although I am sad to see a great year go, I look forward to the many more great times I will have in 2014!

So tonight calls for celebration!  Celebration for change, celebration for good memories and celebration for another new year.

Gold, glitter, sparklers and love. Time to put on the party suit and bring out the hot rollers.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! A safe night and as much bubbly as you can handle.

xoxo Tiffany

Fall Hair color

This weekend we started to feel the transition in San Francisco from our Indian Summer to the beginning of our brisk Fall . It's no upstate New York but pretty soon the trees in San Francisco will start changing and this neighborhood will get even more colorful with yellow Ginkgo's and orange Reliance Peach trees. 

With the beautiful change in nature comes inspiration for a change in hair color.

Here are a few of my favorites for this Fall.

Auburn's, honeys, chestnuts, caramels and mahogany's. Let us make-over your hair for Autumn!

Ready for a new shade? Welcome those beautiful browns this season and book an appointment online.

xoxo Edo Salon

Sleek and Smooth

Perfect ponytails for this summer. Stylish and oh-so easy.


Create a pattern with some black bobby pins.

1. Twirl hair and make a loose side bun right behind your ear.
2. With 4 black bobby pins, make an even row down the smooth side of your hair. 
3. Using the last 4 bobby pins, overlap the inside tips facing downward.
4. Spray with Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode hairspray for a light hold.

Brunette? Use silver bobby pins!

What you'll need:


1. Comb hair or bangs to the side with a boar bristle brush for a smooth and even look.
2. On a small section underneath, braid a little strand and tie on the end with a rubber band.
3. Wrap braid around hair and tuck in place with a bobby pin facing inside.
4. Spray all over with hairspray and finish with Bumble and Bumble Shine Spray.


What you'll need:

   Have a cute summer hairstyle idea? Share with us your favorite looks on a warm summer day.

xoxo Edo Salon

Photoshoot Preview...

Seasons are changing and that means new photoshoots at Edo! This year we're starting off right by photographing one of our beautiful colorists, Dae Starkweather. 

Stylist Heather Dean did a wonderful job creating a mod-60's updo and receptionist Mia worked her magic on Dae's soft yet bold make-up. In the end, Dae looked beyond amazing and as glamorous as the retro Twiggy once was. 

All you need is the right make-up, a little bit of thickening product and the best tool of all....a teasing brush (shown below)

 Black cat-eye liner and soft, pale pink lips.

Shooting was a blast! First we stopped off at Monument, a stunning mid-century furniture store off Valencia Street, and utilized some of their showroom furniture. After the sun came out we headed outside to Liberty Hill and snapped some shots in the warm sun.

This is just a sneak peak of the shoot! More gorgeous photos to come....

xoxo Tiffany Ward
Edo Salon

Always Fashionable

There's just something so charming about a dapper looking man. Always stylishly dressed, neatly groomed and best of all, his perfectly combed hair! 

We've been doing some amazing haircuts recently at Edo and are really loving our creative and fun male clients.

Check out this dashing looking haircut by Seana inspired by James Dean with a neat and clean fade.

Here's another slicked-back rockabilly haircut by Jason channeling Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco

And last but not least, a perfectly combed and precisely sculpted haircut by Kristina. Reminds me of a young Jimmy Stewart!

Here's some advice men...

Be well, live well and always, always dress well.

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”

- Charles Bukowski


Bigger is better!

The new Thickening line has arrived and we cannot get enough of it!

Bigger is better and the line has expanded for all of you Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner fans. We now introduce the BB Thickening Contour Creme and Full Form Mousse which give lift and volume to any hair type. The new styling formulas are water based instead of oil, so the volume will never deflate!

Dani gave Tiffany, our salon manager, an amazing blow out that "won't deflate"
with the new Full Formed Mousse. She's hooked!

Becky loves using the BB Thickening Contour Creme to add more volume to curls! 
The light cream formula keeps curls full without the frizz. 

Kristina used the BB Thickening Full Form Mousse to add lift to her client's beautiful blow out after her cut at Edo. Loving the layers and full silhouette!

Come in to Edo and let us show you how to use the new Thickening line!

Love, Edo

my favorite redhead is now crooning

In every life of a hairstylist we eventually pick out our favorite redhead of all time. For Edo, hands down, the choice is super model Karen Elson. We really first noticed her when we became familiar with Bumble and Bumble. It was about 1991 and Edo had yet to get to New York at start working with them. There was all this buzz about a new haircut called the "botched bob" that this haunting beauty was sporting. The original Bumble hair genius Raymond took out his barber straight razor and literally whacked this fawn of a woman's hair at the chin. Overnight, she and the haircut became a sensation. In 1998 I was lucky enough to actually sneak into one of Raymond's crazy classes before he went awol and vanished without a trace from the hair world.

On tuesday when I heard the beauty would be crooning her little dark heart out at Cafe Du Nord here in S.F. I simply could not miss a chance to see the red locks glow in person. It turns out the lady can actually carry a tune. Ethereal and romantic with a country twang at it's best. Not a surprise since she married Jack White. And, a smart move sice we can't stay young forever. All in all, it was a big room of fashion eye candy and got me thinking about red again.

The best way to know what shade of red is for you is one simple rule, if you have pale and clear skin go with the cooler red. A hint of auburn or chestnut. A subtle cinnamon glow. A peachy strawberry blond.

With freckles and golden skin, do a golden based warmer red. A coppery honey. Muted tangerine with hints of golden sparkles.

We think every woman should try a perfectly tailored shade of red at least once in her life.... it is all about skin tone and balance.


edo salon