Fall Hair color

This weekend we started to feel the transition in San Francisco from our Indian Summer to the beginning of our brisk Fall . It's no upstate New York but pretty soon the trees in San Francisco will start changing and this neighborhood will get even more colorful with yellow Ginkgo's and orange Reliance Peach trees. 

With the beautiful change in nature comes inspiration for a change in hair color.

Here are a few of my favorites for this Fall.

Auburn's, honeys, chestnuts, caramels and mahogany's. Let us make-over your hair for Autumn!

Ready for a new shade? Welcome those beautiful browns this season and book an appointment online.

xoxo Edo Salon

Hair Make-Over

It's just a normal Thursday when a new client strolls in to get haircut. Not just any haircut though, a full on make-over. How fun! With hair just below her butt, Jason soon takes on the challenge and starts to chop away in ponytail sections. 1 hour later and Viola. We have a super cute pixie and and a super happy client. She was practically dancing with joy and totally made Jason's morning.

Bye, bye TWO FEET of hair. Hello Mia Farrow.

Love this client and in love with this amazing new haircut. 
xoxo Edo Salon