Winer Photoshoot and featured client!

Meet Bryn Newman! She is our Winter Featured Client and model of our most recent photo shoot.

You may remember Bryn from a few months ago...she was the client who chose Edo to take her from auburn red to the iciest of whites. Her beautiful makeover was such a hit and now that her hair has adapted to being platinum blonde, it was time we glammed her up and did a mini-Winter shoot!

Bryn is a Florida gal, just like myself and she is currently residing in San Francisco and loving it. She is in charge of marketing for LE TOTE, a 'shop-wear-exchange' company allowing you to browse the most current styles in fashion, keep what you want and return the rest..Internet shopping made so easy!

 She is also a fashion and design blogger for Stone Fox Style, updating you about travel, the latest fashion trends and her personal styling for photo shoots.

I hope you enjoy! Follow her blog and oh yeah, ours too! :)

Hello Hollywood Glamour! Pin curls, voluminous hair and red lips. I just love it!

Winter photo shoot with in-house photographer Tiffany Ward. Hair by Jayne Matthews. Hair assistant and Make-up by Seana Tuohy. Client & Model : Bryn Newman from Stone Fox Style

xoxo Edo Salon
Tiffany Ward


My inspiration this month is drawn by this brunette bombshell, Sophia Loren.

Heavy liner, perfect brows and sophisticated style.   

Grab some hot rollers and hairspray for this glamorous hair. 

1.Prep damp hair with a holding product like Bumble and Bumble's Styling Creme and rough dry. (add a little bit of Thickening Mousse at the roots for extra volume)

2. Start your hot roller application making sure to give some extra love around your fringe area

3. After rollers have set and cooled, undo and brush out curls with a flat brush to a sleek and Hollywood style. Finish with a light creme like Bumble's Thickening Creme Contour.

4. Spray and hit the town with your new hair! 

Trust me though, before you worry about how big those curls are, remember that they need a minute to deflate and won't be THAT big all night. 

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xoxo Tiffany