Nicole is back!

Nicole is back!

And we're thrilled!

After a 6 month vacation in Europe, Nicole Hagen is back at Edo and excited to do some hair.

Along with a few kitchen haircuts on the road, Nicole made her way through Europe on her bike and only a backpack traveling through France, Holland and Germany ----just to name a few. She cooked over an open fire almost every night while camping along the way and even scaled the Fjords in Norway!!

Needless to say she is back in the States and really happy to start services once again. On top of her return she will be attending Bumble and Bumble's University in New York next month to hone in on her craft at razor cutting.

To book an appointment, schedule online or call Edo at 415.861.0131

xoxo Edo 


My inspiration this month is drawn by this brunette bombshell, Sophia Loren.

Heavy liner, perfect brows and sophisticated style.   

Grab some hot rollers and hairspray for this glamorous hair. 

1.Prep damp hair with a holding product like Bumble and Bumble's Styling Creme and rough dry. (add a little bit of Thickening Mousse at the roots for extra volume)

2. Start your hot roller application making sure to give some extra love around your fringe area

3. After rollers have set and cooled, undo and brush out curls with a flat brush to a sleek and Hollywood style. Finish with a light creme like Bumble's Thickening Creme Contour.

4. Spray and hit the town with your new hair! 

Trust me though, before you worry about how big those curls are, remember that they need a minute to deflate and won't be THAT big all night. 

Keep reading for more styling tips from us over here at Edo

xoxo Tiffany

Updo Specialist in San Francisco

We are so excited to introduce a wonderful new member to the Edo team,

Alx is a brilliant stylist mastering editorial-quality hair and specializing in updos, special event styling and anything beautiful and chic. Her portfolio varies from styling the runways for Diane Von Furstenberg in 2011 to professional Look Books, websites and fashion shows.

Here is her latest hair venture...styling for Ragabond's Look Book 2013 photo shoot. Sexy but sophisticated. Final shots released soon.

To schedule an appointment for updos, stylish haircuts and blow-outs go to our website and visit her bio.

xoxo Edo Salon

Boho Photoshoot Preview...

It's officially summer. Woo-hoo!

 Although the Bay Area is full of fog we're still livin' like there's sun. Here is a preview for a bohemian inspired photo shoot from Monday. Golden fields and maxi skirts.


Hair by Jayne Matthews, Make-up by Seana Tuohy and photography by Tiffany Ward.
Final shots from the shoot following soon :)
xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon