Seriously cool hair-Styling in San Francisco

Edo can't get enough of our Pony Salon education by top stylist Corinna Hernandez. Back from Fashion week and armed with more amazing styling techniques, she focuses on back combing and bobby pin placement for an advanced class with Edo stylists.

We love this Elvis inspired updo by Corinna Hernandez. A little pompadour in the front and a modern french twist in the back.

Here are a few more photos from the class:

With a little winged eyeliner and some black skinny jeans, this super fun beehive is the perfect mod updo for a night out.
More education photos to come soon!

xoxo Edo Salon

San Francisco's sleek ponytails

As many of you know, we just adore our in-house lead educator Corinna Hernandez. This morning she taught the Edo staff high-fashion, backstage ponytails inspired by Bottega Veneta's at 2014 Fashion Week, Milan edition.

We first got started on her beautiful model Vicky. Vicky has perfect hair for this, not too thick and little to no waves. Corinna's first step was prepping her hair with Bumble and bumble's Prep Spray then saturating it with Thickening Spray, blow-drying hair from roots to end making sure to keep the hair close to the head and free of any kinks. After half a can of Does it All and many brush strokes, she secured the ponytail with a hair bungee, not a rubber band. Finishing off with Invisible Oil...the hair is now sleek but not wet looking.

Here are some photos of the clean and luminous ponytail from today's advanced styling class:

Elegant, polished and sophisticated. The sleek pony doesn't have to only grace the runway.

xoxo Edo Salon

Quote from hair hero Guido Paulo,

“The hair for Bottega Veneta is clean and sharp, which is a bit of a departure from previous seasons,” said Guido. “In the past, the hairstyles were easier, softer and more natural. A sort of 90′s minimalism inspired me, so the hair is simple with blunt lines. Hair extensions were used to create a very long fake ponytail that resembles the same thickness and consistency of a horse’s tail. There is certainly an intended element of artificiality to the hair,” he explained.

The best new haircut-Blunt and Choppy

Whether it's long layers or a blunt bob...razored layers are back in. 

And I'm lovin' it! 

//Here are some great choppy cuts for this season in every length//

A little bit of tousled layers and some Bumble and bumble Dryspun Spray goes a long way. Ask your stylist for some styling tricks and book with a razor specialist online.

xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon
San Francisco


My inspiration this month is drawn by this brunette bombshell, Sophia Loren.

Heavy liner, perfect brows and sophisticated style.   

Grab some hot rollers and hairspray for this glamorous hair. 

1.Prep damp hair with a holding product like Bumble and Bumble's Styling Creme and rough dry. (add a little bit of Thickening Mousse at the roots for extra volume)

2. Start your hot roller application making sure to give some extra love around your fringe area

3. After rollers have set and cooled, undo and brush out curls with a flat brush to a sleek and Hollywood style. Finish with a light creme like Bumble's Thickening Creme Contour.

4. Spray and hit the town with your new hair! 

Trust me though, before you worry about how big those curls are, remember that they need a minute to deflate and won't be THAT big all night. 

Keep reading for more styling tips from us over here at Edo

xoxo Tiffany

Boho Photoshoot Preview...

It's officially summer. Woo-hoo!

 Although the Bay Area is full of fog we're still livin' like there's sun. Here is a preview for a bohemian inspired photo shoot from Monday. Golden fields and maxi skirts.


Hair by Jayne Matthews, Make-up by Seana Tuohy and photography by Tiffany Ward.
Final shots from the shoot following soon :)
xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon

Hair Make-Over

It's just a normal Thursday when a new client strolls in to get haircut. Not just any haircut though, a full on make-over. How fun! With hair just below her butt, Jason soon takes on the challenge and starts to chop away in ponytail sections. 1 hour later and Viola. We have a super cute pixie and and a super happy client. She was practically dancing with joy and totally made Jason's morning.

Bye, bye TWO FEET of hair. Hello Mia Farrow.

Love this client and in love with this amazing new haircut. 
xoxo Edo Salon

Sleek and Smooth

Perfect ponytails for this summer. Stylish and oh-so easy.


Create a pattern with some black bobby pins.

1. Twirl hair and make a loose side bun right behind your ear.
2. With 4 black bobby pins, make an even row down the smooth side of your hair. 
3. Using the last 4 bobby pins, overlap the inside tips facing downward.
4. Spray with Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode hairspray for a light hold.

Brunette? Use silver bobby pins!

What you'll need:


1. Comb hair or bangs to the side with a boar bristle brush for a smooth and even look.
2. On a small section underneath, braid a little strand and tie on the end with a rubber band.
3. Wrap braid around hair and tuck in place with a bobby pin facing inside.
4. Spray all over with hairspray and finish with Bumble and Bumble Shine Spray.


What you'll need:

   Have a cute summer hairstyle idea? Share with us your favorite looks on a warm summer day.

xoxo Edo Salon

Photoshoot Preview...

Seasons are changing and that means new photoshoots at Edo! This year we're starting off right by photographing one of our beautiful colorists, Dae Starkweather. 

Stylist Heather Dean did a wonderful job creating a mod-60's updo and receptionist Mia worked her magic on Dae's soft yet bold make-up. In the end, Dae looked beyond amazing and as glamorous as the retro Twiggy once was. 

All you need is the right make-up, a little bit of thickening product and the best tool of all....a teasing brush (shown below)

 Black cat-eye liner and soft, pale pink lips.

Shooting was a blast! First we stopped off at Monument, a stunning mid-century furniture store off Valencia Street, and utilized some of their showroom furniture. After the sun came out we headed outside to Liberty Hill and snapped some shots in the warm sun.

This is just a sneak peak of the shoot! More gorgeous photos to come....

xoxo Tiffany Ward
Edo Salon

Bigger is better!

The new Thickening line has arrived and we cannot get enough of it!

Bigger is better and the line has expanded for all of you Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner fans. We now introduce the BB Thickening Contour Creme and Full Form Mousse which give lift and volume to any hair type. The new styling formulas are water based instead of oil, so the volume will never deflate!

Dani gave Tiffany, our salon manager, an amazing blow out that "won't deflate"
with the new Full Formed Mousse. She's hooked!

Becky loves using the BB Thickening Contour Creme to add more volume to curls! 
The light cream formula keeps curls full without the frizz. 

Kristina used the BB Thickening Full Form Mousse to add lift to her client's beautiful blow out after her cut at Edo. Loving the layers and full silhouette!

Come in to Edo and let us show you how to use the new Thickening line!

Love, Edo

Long Live Color

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of Bumble and Bumble's Color Minded haircare line. The sulfate-free duo is just what your colored tresses crave in the shower after a trip to your favorite stylist!

To celebrate Bumble's fabulous color preserving line, here are some of our lovely clients and their recent color make-overs.

A little Wella hair color love on Valentines Day

Hot Pink Hair by Jayne

Two-Toned Red by Dani

Purple Hair by Kristina

Pastel Pink by Nicole

Bumble colorist Zoe talks about her inspiration as a stylist using nature and vibrant objects. What inspires you?

xoxo Edo Salon


In love with bobs... yet again.

Tis the season for more tailored hair. We have been madly in love with removing the old layers and dead, beachy ends. Adorable girl after adorable girl has come to us this fall asking for a more blunt and chic look. Inspired by the 1920's we are having a blast bringing back this classic cut with sweet modern details.



my favorite redhead is now crooning

In every life of a hairstylist we eventually pick out our favorite redhead of all time. For Edo, hands down, the choice is super model Karen Elson. We really first noticed her when we became familiar with Bumble and Bumble. It was about 1991 and Edo had yet to get to New York at start working with them. There was all this buzz about a new haircut called the "botched bob" that this haunting beauty was sporting. The original Bumble hair genius Raymond took out his barber straight razor and literally whacked this fawn of a woman's hair at the chin. Overnight, she and the haircut became a sensation. In 1998 I was lucky enough to actually sneak into one of Raymond's crazy classes before he went awol and vanished without a trace from the hair world.

On tuesday when I heard the beauty would be crooning her little dark heart out at Cafe Du Nord here in S.F. I simply could not miss a chance to see the red locks glow in person. It turns out the lady can actually carry a tune. Ethereal and romantic with a country twang at it's best. Not a surprise since she married Jack White. And, a smart move sice we can't stay young forever. All in all, it was a big room of fashion eye candy and got me thinking about red again.

The best way to know what shade of red is for you is one simple rule, if you have pale and clear skin go with the cooler red. A hint of auburn or chestnut. A subtle cinnamon glow. A peachy strawberry blond.

With freckles and golden skin, do a golden based warmer red. A coppery honey. Muted tangerine with hints of golden sparkles.

We think every woman should try a perfectly tailored shade of red at least once in her life.... it is all about skin tone and balance.


edo salon