Disco Queen

Oh. My.

I came across this spread from LuLu's Fall  2012 catalogue and I just about yelped out loud.

 Perfect. It's all perfect. Her icy blonde color is beautiful and the golden hues in her make-up are so sultry and 70's. Not to mention that layered haircut and those badass bangs.

This shoot is so eye grabbing and this model is gorgeous---the colors and composition of the rugs as a backdrop are so geometric and cheerful.

xoxo Edo Salon


                                                             Oh how I miss my bob. 

All my life I've had short hair and for the first time in a long time, my hair is finally past my shoulders. You always want what you can't have right? Curly hair gals wish for board straight hair and then of course there are us wave-challenged girls who would kill for a Farrah flip and oh-so-beautiful soft curls.--The kind only hot rollers can give.

Not only is this the most perfect little wavy bob but these bangs....THESE BANGS are just too cute for words.


xoxo Tiffany
Edo Salon