New Artist/Lower Haight Fall 2013 Art Walk

The Lower Haight Art Walk. Always busy and always festive.

While we enjoyed wondering down Haight Street listening to live music and popping into our neighbors shops for new artwork, the energy in our salon was rising as the night went on getting louder and crazier.

Here are some photos of the lovely folks (and a cute dog) that came to our opening.

This month features paintings and zines by artist Jeffrey Cheung  and  Tiny Splendor Press & Gallery.

Artwork and zines for sale in Edo until November.

xoxo Edo Salon

Beachy Hair & Effortless Updo's

Oh Summer time. 

It seems like we wait all year long for you...especially in the always chilly San Francisco. There's an inspiring energy that comes with the warm weather and sunlight and such an overwhelming urge to bust out those cute, colorful dresses and let your hair run wild. In honor of summertime and the beachy hair trend, this year we had a fun little summer-surf event focused around Bumble and Bumble's infamous Surf Spray. This little blue bottle of sea salt goodness makes you look and feel summery...even when you're miles from shore.

What better way to get the good vibes flowing than to mix up some cocktails, spin 60's records and style some hair. 

Check out these cute photos where we taught easy ways to look fabulous in 20 minutes or less.

We will always love the beautiful hairstyles from the 60's. Beehives, bouffants, hair flips and the Bridget Bardot. We're taking advantage of summer hairstyles, even if it is 60 degrees outside :)

until next time, 
xoxo Edo Salon