Morphologies...a collaborative art show

We are absolutely loving the new art installation this month!
Edo's art curator did a wonderful job getting creative and inspired by the pastels of late winter/early spring and selected some amazing artists to showcase their work in our gallery.

Julia Lucey delivers some beautiful collage prints inspired by her backcountry ventures over her summertime and spring breaks.

Here are some pieces from the second artist, Vanesa Gringold. Her work is light and airy but still vibrant and colorful.

She also made hanging-mobiles in our front window!

And last but not least we have an incredible installation on our back wall by Ana Labastida. Reflective, 3D moths!

Artwork will be up until mid-April and the opening reception will be during the Lower Haight Art Walk on Saturday March 2nd from 7pm-10pm. Come have drink, listen to music and enjoy artwork by these amazing ladies!

xoxo Edo

Let your imagination run wild

A new month brings us another new artist!

We are so happy to present artwork from a fun and wonderfully creative client, Betsy Roszkowiak!

Betsy's paintings showcase a childlike innocence including brightly colored trees, long swirly hair and anything your little mind day dreams of. Her subjects are imaginative, and dream-like while her DIY solar system installation remains jovial and innocent as it fills our main salon window.

The theme carried throughout her work is from a perspective of life through a little girls eyes. Her exhibition is titled 'Joanna. The Imaginary Friend'. 

 "Joanna is my friend, but the adults they cannot see her.
She told me the sky was green and the grass was blue.
The adults said those were the biggest lies that had ever been told
But I don’t care what they say, I know Joanna speaks true.

By day Joanna lives in my pocket and hides in the trees at night
She told me that her favorite color is a sparkling drop of dew
And that sometimes Neptune can be the same size as the moon 
So the question is this, what does your Joanna say to you?"

Betsy not only crafted a solar system but she also created a 'handelier' (a chandelier made of multi-colored stuffed hands) and turned our back wall into a larger than life replica of Joanna's face. 

Betsy's art will be on display and for sale until the first week of August! 

For more information about the artist, please visit her website at

With love,
xoxoxo Edo Salon