Organic Hair Color Salon in San Francisco

Oh the things we do for beauty.

Organic Hair color in San Francisco shouldn't be hard to find...right?

That's what we thought until we started researching. Very few salons carry a natural brand and even fewer practice with organic hair color.

The reasons why are still beyond me but we're ready to change that. Being a hairstylist takes a toll, not only as physical wear and tear on the shoulders and lower back, but also the inhalation of some pretty unhealthy chemicals. And, of course, we want to minimize the chemicals for you, too.

Now, I know better than to believe everything I read but I recently came across an article saying that studies show hairdressers have triple the risk of developing breast cancer. TRIPLE?! That's just crazy.

With so many toxins lurking in the air, like ammonia, Formaldehyde and Phenylenediamine (PPD) it's easy to develop asthma and other health issues. So needless to say, it's time to start taking steps in the right direction and we're taking a big leap by using Organic Salon System's professional hair color. 
  • No ammonia in full color line including bleach
  • Most shades completely free of PPD's (darker shades with less than 1%!)
  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
  • No PTD's
  • Completely vegan and sponsor of PETA
  • Uses recycled and biodegradable materials when available
  • Uses a Fair-Trade policy with all workers
All the shades you want chemical free, with high end results.

Did I mention it turns out glossy? That's another bonus. It works like any other color line and has a beautiful shimmer.

To book an organic color service, schedule online or call 415.861.0131.

Remember to stretch, breath and stay creative.

xoxo Edo Salon
-Tiffany Ward

She's back!

Our red-headed beauty is back! 

We finally welcome Taylor Clark back to Edo. After a short time away she is now working her magic again and is coloring up a storm. Not only is she behind the chair but she is now leading our color program teaching our Edo assistants in training.


Happy that she's back and ready for action! 
Visit her profile on our website below.

xoxo Edo Salon