The dream of the 90's are alive in San Francisco

This weekend was spent in Dolores Park because the weather was warm and I was in need of a sunny Sunday picnic. I know what you're thinking....Dolores Park on a Sunday, are you crazy?! Maybe, but the people watching was unbeatable and I got confirmation that the 90's are indeed coming back.

I don't mean the obvious 'grunge' look with flannels and jean shorts but more that late 90's thick, messy texture in girls hair full of faded dip dye color and side-flipped bangs. Crop tops, headbands as far as the eye can see and short bobs for those who are in touch with their 'alternative side'. (Think Jane from Daria)

I can't tell if I love it though. Hair WAS a little freer and fun 15 years ago and a little less polished. Less time making perfect curling iron waves and more time crimping and twisting little ponytails.

Please though, no fake dreads and scrunchies.

What do you think? Are you loving the 90's trends coming back?

xoxo Edo