Wild and curly hair

It's hard to find a curly hair specialist in San Francisco because any gal with natural texture knows...sometimes you can't trust just any stylist with scissors in hand. Your curly Q's need love and that goes beyond praying to the hair Gods that it won't rain today.

Here are some of our favorite curly hair clients in San Francisco all done by the talented staff at Edo.

Wispy curls with bouncy bangs by Heather Dean.

Natural curls with a side swept part by Chri Longstreet.

Fully rounded curls by Becky Borman.

Shaggy, razored layers by Jayne Matthews.

Whether you have kinky curls, frizzy texture, perfectly rounded loops or plain ole' waves, we can help you out. Not only for haircuts but for the ever-so-needed curly hair styling tips. 

Let us help you with diffuser tricks, choosing the right product (We ♥ Bumble and bumble's Curl line), enhancing your frizz free waves while air drying and sure enough...your mane will feel the love.

Edo Salon
Loving Curly Hair in the Lower Haight