Winter Hair: Updo's

The weather here in San Francisco has been really chilly lately...but that doesn't mean you have to feel the need to hide your locks under hats and scarves until Spring! Here are some winter updo inspirations...

I love the use of braids and the winter hair accessories in this updo. 

Even the simplest of updo's can make you feel polished and sophisticated. 

Have short hair? Try this easy braid starting from one side and pin. Then
pin the rest of your remaining hair underneath for a quick and chic style.

Heather Dean did this elegant side french twist updo here at Edo Salon for a wedding attendee. 

This style was done by Becky here at Edo, a perfectly un-done updo!

Nicole did this updo at Edo for a NYE the little diamond starfish resting on the curls. 

Happy Winter Updo Styling! 
xoxo, Edo