Such a rad installation...

With a focus on embracing the past in the future, our new artist on display this month has resurrected a dirty, hazy limbo of decay and has left us with a rock & roll feel that brings a whole new vibe to our Lower Haight salon

Artist Anna Postigo has filled our gallery with a rustic and grunge inspired installation full of old crates, vintage inspired collage pieces and an industrial style chain chandelier so cool it's going to be hard parting ways with it.

Her paintings project a Victorian charm with dark shadows and warm colors all the while staying in her theme of tarnished wood and rough edges.

The art opening fell on this month's Lower Haight Art Walk and man....did it get a little wild...

We spent the night spinning classic rock records and dishing out beers from our new sponsor, Black Star Brewing Co.


Swing by and check out our new installation! Art will be on display until the end of June and all art including those cute little bottles, chains, feathers, and crates are all for sale! You may even get design ideas for your own house (I know I did!)

xoxo Edo