More Bumble education!

As you all may know, we absolutely ADORE Bumble & Bumble education.  Chri and Jayne the two lovely ladies who created this wonderful salon, actually learned from the founders of Bumble & Bumble in New York City! 

....way back in the day :)

 We are so lucky to have such an amazing staff always learning from some of the top Bumble educators in the country. One of those educators actually takes her clients right here in our little Lower Haight spot.

Her name is Corinna and when she walks into a room with her warm and friendly smile it gives our stylists a boost of creative and inspiring motivation. Like they can conquer the world one haircut at a time.

We were graced by her presence this morning and learned some incredible haircuts and advanced techniques that will make any asymmetrical bob, long shag or funky curly hair look flawless.

It's amazing the magic that a razor can do...

xoxo Edo Salon