We love wigs!

Hi all......

In the sullen days of winter just past the holidays we have time at last to breathe and get back to the creativity of what we love to do. December is so crazy with party hair and everyone rushing to look their best for parties and visits to family. Now that it's a new year it's time to get back to our roots and get crafty with our style!

New photo shoots coming, a trunk show of designers selling their goods at our shop, and free styling at our up coming art shows! We are also putting together an early spring fashion show for 2012. I am just feeling so juicy about bright color and wigs. 

I took the pics above at a very special event in New York at the house of Bumble. Edo was the salon chosen from San Francisco to attend! We were thrilled and excited as they gave us inspiring underground fashion shows, business classes with a harvard professor, and endless bouts of amazing food, drink, and of course hair.

Thank you Bumble.

xoxo Edo Salon