Edo's latest artwork!

Season changes call for salon changes.

The art work this Fall for our Edo gallery is the wonderful work of Kelly Nicolaisen!

Kelly is a local of the Lower Haight district and has shown her pieces in many Lower Haight business including Bean There, D-Structure and the Lower Haters gallery.

Her inspirations derive from her love of music, color, space and design with everything that fits in her little world that she imagines!

If you're in the neighborhood...drop by and check out her stuff. The vibrant color pallet of her portfolio reveals her fun and loving personality and humorous outlook on life.

Kelly has big pieces, small pieces and even prints for sale in our gallery and if you don't get a chance to buy them here...go to her website and she'll customize any piece that you fall in love with! Trust me, with her conceptual based photography and story-like images...you're bound to want a picture...or two.


*Kelly's work is up until December 8th so stop by soon!