More fun art work for sale!

And the artist for the winter is....

Tasha Loudon!

This local lady's gallery is based out of the Upper Haight where she's been creating original works of art for individuals, designers and companies for over 10 years. Her art ranges from nurseries and kid’s rooms to model homes and restaurants.

Tasha and her team of artists also specialize in creating murals, custom paintings, and decorative designs for all types of projects. She has painted for Hollywood’s most discerning elite, but approaches all ranges of projects with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

While custom painted kids rooms are her specialty, Tasha's art, murals and decorative painting works have also been featured on television, in magazines and in local shows. While she calls San Francisco her home base, she has clients all the way from L.A. to New York that commission her. 

We are so happy to have some of her amazing creations hanging on our walls and a funky little Christmas  tree to display in front. She even painted a mural of machine guns to frame our shampoo bowls!


The tree raised some concern but what can we say? We love being at least a LITTLE racy.... 

COME CHECK IT OUT! Her art will be up in Edo and for sale for the next month!