We have a new art curator!


Edo Salon & gallery welcomes our new Art Curator Jennifer Allen!

We are thrilled to have this creative gal as not only our main receptionists but our wonderful new art curator.

"I gather inspiration for my own crafting and art adventures every day from the texture on the side walk to the way the wind blows through trees. I grew up in a very boring cookie-cutter place so I was always taking trips to the neighboring major cities to get some creativity in my life! I started exploring art through performance being very interested in dance and theater as well as singing in a choir."

With her first paycheck at age 15, Jenn bought her first real set of paint brushes. Growing up in a clean and always tidy house, she was stoked to finally have a chance to get a little messy!

Wanting to be in a more creative and dynamic city, she moved from Orange County California to the ever-so-loved and artsy Portland Oregon. It's there where she found herself at home being surrounded by so many friends in art school and felt that she was in a city that was not full of art but was art all on it's own.

"I am highly influenced by urban art and creating something beautiful from something that was once looked at as ugly and boring.   Art that I respect and love is honestly art that I can look at and say " there is no way I would have thought of that and no way I could recreate that" 

Not only is urban art, sculpture and interior design a passion and creative outlet for her but at one point Jenn even considered being a hair stylist.

" I always thought I wanted to do hair and I still find hair styling one of the best forms of art. It not only looks beautiful but it can change the way someone feels about them selves."

Our staff is excited to get a fresh, new perspective for our gallery and we can't wait for what's in store!

"I love that Edo is an outlet for so many things. Everything about it is filled with art! Talented hair stylist creating every day...revolving gallery always filled with a new and interesting form of art ...how could I not have fallin in love when I walked by on my very first day in San Francisco."

Aww...thanks Jenn. We are happy to have you!