to Oribe or not to Oribe?

So, Chri and I spent the end of the 90's and all of the 00's working in New York with Bumble and Bumble. A main reason for this was we had a very close and personal realtionship with our darling teacher Tom Gallagher. He is like a fairy in the best of ways. He taught us to feel the hair and organically cut with our eyes almost shut. It became intuitive. 

Last year Tom moved to a new company after 16 years with Bumble. Oribe was created by the original founders of Bumble's product line. There is a different feel to it. I would say more London less Brooklyn. It is wild in a sleek way. Almost a new wave way... more sexy less beautiful. 

What to do? Our loyality with Bumble runs 12 years deep... but the addition of a sleek sexy new line coupled with our favorite teacher/mentor of all time is mighty tempting.

Today in our little meeting room one of the favorite Edo stylists Kristina came to me and said she had fallen in love.. with the Oribe styling products. They are classy, sleek, add texture, shine, and effortless movement. All that with an edge.

Above is a couple images from Oribe this season and a cute boy/girl cut Kristina did in our basement lounge today...

Stay tuned we are weighing our options.


Edo Salon