Here comes the sun

OK already. This summer in San Francisco has been just plain sad. Today I was so gloomy I resorted to looking at pictures and planning my beach vacation out of here. I hope you all are able to get in a car, cross any bridge, and get the hell out of here and into the sunshine. 

We all love the beach and beach hair as well. Every company out there has been selling salt water in a bottle to ladies of the city that want to look like sexy, tousled surfers. In the summer, the wilder the hair the better. 

To achieve the right kind of beach hair is easy but not without a bit of effort. First, a good cut in in order. I like the contrast of messy, lived in, layers with a blunt edge. I say either wispy ends with a strong bang or blunt chopped length with a soft feathery bang.

How to use the surf spray is easy. Just wash and towel dry, flip your head and squirt about 10 sprays into the roots and mid section of your hair. Next, use a nice hair cream to layer on top and create that tousled look in shiny pieces and not matted clumps. I love Bumble's Brilliantine for this. Just a small amount the size of a pea. Now, for a more dramatic effect use a hair dryer and blow the roots dry. The surf spray will expand with the heat causing major amounts of body in the crown. You can even go further and tease the roots. The last step is to gently scrunch the hair slowly in sections and flip your head back up. Give it a small shake and twist some of the damp bits around your face. Fix the bangs with your fingers and then let it be for one hour.

Behold, the perfect 1960's surfer girl hair.


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