1940's hair rolls

Chri and I were just back in New York for another workshop with Bumble and Bumble. At this point we have been working with them about 3 times a year. Every time we go I take a good hard look at what the stylish city girls are up to. I get so much inspiration from that city. It seems they like cleaner lines. Simple yet arty hair.

The looks I remember from the early 90's are back in full swing there. It's a 40's hair revival with a classier take on the grunge look on their feet. Think clean quaffed up-dos with military boots. I kind of love it.

So, the way to get this look it easy. You need shoulder length hair to start. Let it get 2 days dirty or more. Flip your head upside down and squeeze a large quarter size pile of Bumble gel in your hand. Rub your hands together and run it through your hair roots to ends. Now brush it into a side pony tail right above your ear.  Roll the pony up and pin the interior of the roll with bobbies. Now..... spray it well and you look amazing!