Magical hair color

Oh my God. When I came across these pictures I literally got light headed. Color makes such an emotional impact!  As San Francisco hairstylists most of us have done some serious experiments with color on our own hair. We take it to the limit, bleach it out, and take it back again. I myself can say with total honesty that I have had every color hair in the rainbow at one point in my life. Cotton candy peachy pink has always been my favorite on fair skin. In the past year, to our delight, fashionable women have been asking for more subtle and almost ethereal colors. We can create this feel with watercolor looking hair painting techniques. It's the same old punky colors of the 80's diluted down and mixed together to create an almost vintage and romantic feel. These photos really take it there.
I feel everyone has a peachy or turquoise side to them just waiting to show itself. Be brave... hair color is an adventure!


Edo Salon