stop washing your long hair every day!!!!!


The other day I had an adorable client in the salon that was really sad about having to wash her hair everyday to keep the oils in control. She swore if she let her hair go one extra day it would be limp and start to separate in greasy little strands across her forehead. Yuck. I realized that she didn't know about the tricks to control and even play with the oils long hair provides us. I assume many others might not know either.

So, here are a few tips and rules for taming the grease, building body, and having fun at last with the locks you love.

#1 ONLY shampoo at the roots of your hair. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and massage it well into the scalp. We are not wanting to rub our fragile long strands when they are wet. This causes dryness and breakage. The scalp needs the massage for blood flow to keep it healthy and to discourage oil blockage in the follicles. Don't worry! Your hair will get clean of all dirt when you rinse the shampoo out.

#2 ONLY condition on the middle and ends of your hair. Grab a ponytail in your hands and condition that. Whatever you do, never put conditioner on your scalp unless you are at the salon. Your head produces enough natural oils as it is to treat the new healthy hairs near the scalp. Conditioner and treatments are for your dry and damaged ends that don't ever get the benefit of natural oils touching them.

#3 The hair market is swarming with "dry shampoos" otherwise known as hair powder. Let me just say... this stuff literally changed my relationship to my hair. At Edo we use the Bumble version of hair powder. It comes in a spray. You just lift up sections of your 1 or 2 day oily hair, hold the can 8 inches away, and spray it onto the roots. I do this in about 5 sections all over the top and sides of my head. I use the clear (white) color because it vanishes into the hair. Next, take your fingers and massage or brush it into the roots like a shampoo. Your hair will now be not only free of oils but much more matte in its finish and it will have a ton of body.

#4 Here is the best part. Now that your hair is a little bit dirty with a matte finish it has lost all of its slip. It can be molded and teased so easily! Just a couple of bobbie pins and your hair will go up into the adorable messy up-do you always wanted. I promise you will be surprised at how easy it is. Make a half up french twist, a big sexy pony tail, or a loose low bun. We want you to play with your hair. This is also great for pulling those bangs you have been growing out up into a low pomp. Just give it a try....

Here are some cute pictures of dirty hair done up in a sexy yet grown up way. Enjoy.

xoxo Edosalon