We love braids

 If I could define the style of San Francisco and even more so define the style of our own San Francisco hair studio I would have to say "bohemian". This style just never dies around here. Being from Santa Cruz, I have had some sort of gypsy bohemian thing running through my veins from day one. Edo as a collective seems to have the same thing going on. We keep attracting these talented, crafty, free spirited, artists to work with us year after year. Our 1960's culture is strong. The clients know that even with the most straight forward and blunt cut ever there will always be a bohemian signature even if it is subtle.

 What could be more bohemian then a braid? Fish tail, side french, double french, corn row, inverted... you name it. Make a braid, loosen it up, let it be fuzzy and wild, and then pair it with a sweetly tailored dress. Amazing.

 Braids work wonders to dress down an evening gown or for a simple morning of yoga. They have the 70's, romance, hippie thing when paired with a prairie dress and clogs. They have the mid 80's new wave thing when worn with a black and white striped jazzercise body suit, pumps, and red shiny lips. A braid can also say high fashion when worn with a simple black dress from opening ceremony. It is all about messy woven hair with a sexy well fitted outfit.

There are a couple good ways to start when braiding your own hair. Start with dirty hair. Flip your head and apply Bumble hair powder to the roots and brush through. This will make your hair more matte and less slippery. Now take a comb or brush with a rat tail end and make a part where you would like it. Try a crooked part for a less severe look. If you know how to french braid try it inside out. If your hair is long try a ponytail and then a fish tail braid. I you have medium length hair and have no clue how to do fancy braids, just do two braids with uneven amounts of hair in each hand. Secure the ends of your braids with a clear hair band.  Now, try using bobby pins and pinning your braids up until you have a fun little woven hair style! Make sure to criss cross the pins to secure that they won't slip. Take some of the strands and pull them a bit loose. Let it be a little work of art! Now that you look amazing, spray the entire thing with classic hold hair spray and put on some fabulous eye shadow. You are good to go.


Edo Salon