cropped hair can be so cute and diverse!

So, as I mentioned before this is finally, finally the year for the fashion forward ladies of S.F. to cut their hair short! This is been beyond exciting for us at the salon.

Listen, I have been working as a stylist in this city for 17 years straight now. This long, hippie hair situation that has been non-stop for the past 8 years has to wrap up at some point. I have been looking for actual wearable styles to share with you all that are cropped and boyish, but also sexy and unique. The euro chic models and Parisian 20 somethings are doing it so Hollywood cannot be far behind.

I am sure many of you think your hair is too thick for a short style. We have heard it a million times.... the last time you tried cutting your hair off was 10 years ago and you looked like a soccer mom right? Or it was so short it made you look way too butch and you felt like you had to pile on lipstick to get even a second look? Or did it just take way, way too long to finally look decent and land in a ponytail holder with out that horrifying headband?

Well, fear not people. Listen, first thing, hair is the one and only thing you can do to your own body to make a total change over night (other then a huge tattoo or some such... ) Also, we have amazing tools and techniques we have been learning to master and can make almost any hair take a feminine and interesting shape. It is all in the little details we leave to showcase your face shape. We are stylists! That is why you pay us the big bucks. We know how to flatter a face shape with all our little scissor and razor tricks. Not to mention these days we have soft supple hair creams and potions to dip your finger tips in and play with the little pieces we leave behind that make your new style so uniquely.... you.

So, step into the new decade people! Find your inner sassy.

I look forward to inspiring huge amounts of leftover, old, tired hair in a pile on the floor.


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