hair soaks up oil beautifully

Our lovely manager Zoe just sent me this you tube link. I literally almost cried for the 50th time since this god awful oil crisis began. The BP gulf spill has now passed up the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska as the worst man made environmental disaster of all time. The bodies of Dolphins are washing up on the shore and thousands a fisherman and their families have been placed in financial ruin. BP just received a bill for the "clean up" efforts from the U.S. for 1.6 billion dollars. Guess what? this equals to ONE day of earnings for this monster company. One day of earnings. That is all this crisis has cost them.

Anyway, as a small business owner and a lover of the animals, the sea, and the people, I am sick with heartache over this mess.

Now for the beautiful news..... I am filled with deep appreciation for the way my little vanity based industry can help! All your hair clippings make incredible oil clean up mats.

Thank you for your business and donation to this mess by just getting an amazing little makeover.

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