hairspray works wonders.....

I thought I would have a little chat about an oldie but goodie called hairspray. If i was on a desert island and could have only one styling product for my fine, limp hair, I would without a question choose hairspray.

Here is the deal. Long hair looks great teased and worn pulled up with a few bobby pins. Without hairspray to finish it off it will slip and fall out or get a soft and unflattering frizzy halo. For the best bed head up-do, first let the hair get one or two days dirty, then softly tease hair at the crown, twist and pin always criss crossing bobbies to stay in place, then finish with a medium hold spray like bumble spray de mode.

Here are some sweet photos of hair with have done using hairspray. The first one is our amazing colorist Hadley. She is doing a little champaign for us in the pink. Hadley has stick straight hair in her everyday life. The rest of the photos are from two different fashion shows the Edo art team work on. One was for The vintage store Pretty Penny and the other for boutique Minnie Wilde. I love the tousled, big, sexy looks created here.

If you are gun shy about sticky hair, try a soft and brushable hairspray to build body and starch in your hair. I couldn't really live without it.


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