Sun Rays and Summer Waves

Ever since Chri and I got back from New York 2 weeks ago Edo has been wildly alive with new creative energy. Thank you to all the people reading this! My last post has inspired many brave ladies to transform their old and tired (yet pretty!) hair into short glamour bobs. hurray for change is what I say...

Another super exciting little adventure we are having is the start of an Edo art team. It's been a few years since we got out into the community and really did some fun hair just for the art of it. You will be seeing our little art team popping up all over the place to do funny movies, photo shoots, little impromptu styling sessions, and all types of local fashion shows and performance art pieces.

Here is an adorable film made for our good friend Rachel Z and her spring collection.
Our very own Becky and Henry did all this 1940's inspired hair. I could simply not believe how cute this was!

I feel like a proud mama.