the new bob for spring

So, finally, FINALLY, the lovely ladies of San Francisco seem to be ready to change their hair!

In my 17 years of cutting hair here I have never seen a stretch so long of the same hairstyle year after year. We all loved the messy rendition of the late 60's long layers. We did! We loved them! We could wear long bangs, eyelash grazing moon bangs, we could tease the top, we could let our hair get big and sexy... we never needed a brush....

It was amazing. That said, it's over! The new decade has me getting super excited as stylish lady after stylish lady comes in and gets her hair chopped. Its a more chic, more french, more coiffed look and we are having a blast at Edo doing it!

As many of you know, we get most of our advanced training in New York where we work closely with Bumble and Bumble. In the 10 years I have been working with them this year's collection of bobs have been my favorite.

These are 3 of my favorite bobs for the season.