in search for the new Edo curator...

From the beginning Chri and I have felt the culture at Edo has been strong, special, and imaginative. This is due to many things... our love for each other, the incredible family of stylists, of course our loyal clients, and lastly.... our involvement in the art community.

Much of this is credit to the amazing Nichole Hagen who has put her blood, sweat and tears into the Edo gallery for the past 5 years. Working together with her chosen artists, she has curated some of the most memorable installations our neighborhood has ever seen.

To our dismay and delight, Nichole found a passion for hair while working with us at Edo. I guess sometimes good things rub off on people. We are excited to have her join our team of hair stylists. The women has talent in spades.

SO, the search for a new Edo curator is on! If any of you are interested in scouting artists, throwing interesting and multi faceted art parties, putting together a portfolio of curated installations, and making a bit of cash while you dive deep into the S.f. art scene.....

email us! or

thanks again to Nichole for 5 great years.