environmental disaster.....

I have been walking around the last few days with a heavy heart about the oil spill. So far it is said to be the second largest human caused environmental disaster of all time. A close second to the 1989 horrifying Exxon spill in Alaska. We all remember the pictures of wild birds covererd in black muck.
This new spill will hurt the entire food chain in the gulf for the next 20 years. Most affected at the present time are the 4 species of endangered sea turtles, the byrde whale, 9 types of beautiful and intelligent dolphins, all the plankton and other types of food for these mammals, and countless birds. All are being poisoned by this tragedy.

As the owner's of a salon we get to do our part by donating the hair clippings our lovely clients leave sitting on our floor. Your dead ends and left over styles from yesterday become mats to soak up oil.

"Getting a haircut never felt so good," a client said with a smile. "Hair naturally absorbs oil. It's amazing how well it works."

our prayers are with the creatures of the sea.