Welcome to our Edo blog here at last. There is so much I have been wanted to share with you.
Our little salon recently won an amazing gift. We were honored to be named by Bumble & Bumble one of the 50 best salons in the country. They flew us out to New York for a week to give us a special gift.

What transpired there was beyond our wildest dreams. It was the most thoughtful and inspiring weeks of my life. Hearts were opened and the creative juices were flowing!
I am now in my room in New York thinking about why I, after 17 years, still deeply love to do what I do. All I can say is I am ridiculously excited for the upcoming year.

That is all I will say for now but I cannot leave you without an image of one of my all time favorite hair icons. Miss Brigitte Bardot. May we all learn to loosen up and let our hair down in the year to come....