The delightful Organic Colorist JAI Carrillo has a knack for fashionable hair and it all started back when he was a pre-teen in middle school. 

Graduating from the Cinta Aveda Institute in downtown San Francisco, JAI'Sput his pedal to the metal and underwent our extensive Assistant Cutting and Coloring Program as well as participated in photo shoots, runway shows and styling parties. Not only is cutting edge hair his passion, he also studied Art & Textiles at San Francisco State University which feeds his love for enhancing your natural textures and shapes.  
JAI draws his inspiration from vastly different eras including the 80's punk scene, 60's style faded mens haircuts and beautiful pin curls from the 40's.

"My love of colors, textures and shapes in fiber arts translate into the realm of hair and fashion."

In his free time, you can find JAI devouring some salted caramel ice cream, crafting needle-point portraits and volunteering for queer rights around San Francisco.

"OK- there is this amazing stylist there who knew exactly what to do with my sometimes unruly hair. I'd been growing my hair out, so didn't want too much cut off, just enough to keep it healthy. I booked an appt with Jai upon a friend's recommendation. This guy was super-stylish and surprisingly sweet in an authentic way. He listened to what I wanted & made my hair look fantastic! The best part is, it actually keeps looking better & better as it grows out of his cut! Jai is an awesome stylist!!!" -5 Star Yelp Review

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