Visit us for our new showing of beautiful weavings and fiber art by Lashed and Found. Paintings by Christina Justiz Roush. 



Robin Nazarian is the owner and artist of the fiber art business Lashed & Found SF.  Her work is born out of a love of fibers, textiles, and found objects.  She has been a treasure hunter since she was a child on the Montana Plains and has continued as an adult, combing the hills and beaches of Northern California for the past sixteen years.  Her creations are an amalgam of her spoils and different types of fibers.  Jute, cotton, leather, wool, driftwood, shells, ceramics, glass, and metals—These are just some of the materials she uses to create her pieces.  Her process is organic and improvisational, and as such each piece is utterly unique. 


Christina is a visual artist whose work is grounded in the feminine. She is inspired by fashion, architecture, pattern and design and incorporates it into elaborate, sophisticated works of art.