Bunny is an artist on many levels and has been for her whole life. Her affection for the craft of hairdressing is influenced by her training in so many creative fields. She had an extensive two-year Sassoon based training program at Harper Paige Salon in San Francisco's bustling financial district. Her razor cutting skills using the Bumble and Bumble technique came from Edo. More advanced razor cutting came from courses with Pony Salon, and her work in New York City with Nick Arrojo.

Aside from chasing the best hair techniques and teachers she could possibly find, Bunny has also studied fashion, fine arts, and classical piano both here in San Francisco and in Connecticut.

In Bunny's downtime, when she is not making people look amazingly fashion forward, she plays the piano at home and guitar in her band, Jungle Cat. Speaking of cats, Bunny is a cat lover.  She also loves traveling the world, is a whiz in the kitchen, and can be found tending to her garden in her free time.  

At the moment Bunny is specializing in all different types of haircuts from incredibly tailored to totally avant-garde razor cuts at Edo. She is also currently studying under our lead organic color educator - so stay tuned!